SOULTYMEDIA SLU is owned by Ted Peters

After selling his computercompany in the Netherlands in 1999 Ted Peters moved to Spain and spent over 35.000 hours producing music in his private studio MF-Records in Roses/Spain with Logic Studio for several dj’s in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, United States, South America and under his own artist brand names like Soul-Ty, Soulfultrance the Real Producers, TedjeP Soulful House, Soulful-Cafe, Soulful-Women, Dreadboxx, Bahia de Roses, Kingstone, Bahia Lounge, Soulful-Cafe ft Stanyos Young, Deep X, Groovy People, Groove Nation, Paradise Nation and IbizaHouseAttack

Through his studio work he has the availybility about the best musicians.

The styles are dance | soulful house | disco-funk | reggaeton | reggae | lounge | chill out | house and Deep House

You can find him in several No #1 Hit Charts like Itunes & Beatport : CHECK IT OUT

These musiclabels belong to SOULTYMEDIA SLU :

MF-Records, Soulful-Cafe, Groovetto, Deephouse Amsterdam, Soultymedia, Piña-Records

To promote our music we have our own Soulfulradio



  1. Song 1700227 Genre: Soulful House 2:34
  2. Song 1700031 Genre: Soulful House 2:47
  3. Song 1600121 Genre: Soulful House 3:29
  4. Song 1700237 Genre: Soulful House 4:02
  5. Song 1700129 Genre: Soulful House 2:55
  6. Song 1700236 Genre: Soulful House 3:58
  7. Song 1600145 Genre: Soulful House 3:32
  8. Song 1700131 Genre: Soulful House 2:55
  9. Song 1700018 Genre: Soulful House 3:11
  10. Song 1700035 Genre: Soulful House 2:41
  11. Song 1600220 Genre: Soulful House 3:16